Thrift Stores / Processing Center

Placerville Reuse & Processing (RAP) Center

180 Industrial Drive, Building E
Phone: (530) 626-1641

The RAP Center is a Snowline enterprise that salvages your recyclables, ships them to developing countries, saves our streams and landfills and supports the Snowline mission.

What is E-Waste?

Just about anything that runs on electricity (working or not) such as: Computers, televisions, microwaves, vacuums, washers, dryers, flat Panel monitors, printers, fax machines, refrigerators, freezers, broken exercise equipment, etc.

What is Scrap Metal?

Just about anything made of metal such as: Bicycles, wire hangers, lawn mowers, water heaters, broken cars, weights, golf clubs, old metal tools, angle Iron, barbed wire, old wire fencing, motors, engines, car parts, etc.

We are sorry we cannot take everything. Following is a referral guide for those items we cannot accept.  




Batteries (household)

Broken/Damaged Furniture


Cleaning Supplies

Fluorescent Tubes/Bulbs


Hazardous Household Waste




Propane Canisters




Motor/Engine Oil


Documents to be Shredded


Oxygen Canisters






Car Batteries



We do accept cans, bottles, metals and plastics; however, since we are a non-profit organization, we accept these items as a donation and do not “pay out” for them. 

Your donations make shopping at our thrift stores fun, inspiring, discovery-filled adventures while at the same time, supporting the important hospice care provided by our clinical team to patients and their families throughout Sacramento and El Dorado counties.


Two Ways to Donate:

  • Bring your gently used items to our Thrift Stores
  • Bring your recyclables to our Processing Center


Handle all your recycling needs whether it’s e-waste, metals or plastic! Before you dump it ... donate it!! Every donation helps the environment, the community and the compassionate work our patient care team provides to families in El Dorado County and the city of Folsom. Our Processing Center ensures nothing goes to waste! Last year, Snowline diverted nearly 8 million pounds from our local landfill!


Recycling News

For more information about  changes in recyclables, please read the following news excerpts:

Mt. Democrat 

KCRA - Stockton/Sacramento 







"You helped to bring comfort and peace during Dick’s last months of life and a huge relief because his death was so peaceful with family present. Our prayers go with you as you care for others."


The Molina Family