We Honor Veterans

Snowline is a proud member of the We Honor Veterans Program and has attained its top status as a veteran provider. By partnering with the Department of Veteran Affairs and its resources, Snowline is in a unique position to compassionately provide the care and support that properly reflects our nations’ deep appreciation for service to our country.

Snowline’s Approach to Helping Veterans

  • Snowline says ‘thank you for your service’ at every opportunity, and encourages Veterans to tell their stories and share their feelings.

  • When possible, Snowline offers volunteers who are veterans, as only veterans know the bond they share.

  • Snowline has a deep respect and appreciation for the sacrifice of the families of veterans.

  • Snowline is  supportive and non-judgmental and will always validate a veterans feelings and concerns.

  • By being honest, sincere, caring and respectful, Snowline builds trust often allowing the burdens of war to come to full closure.

Snowline Welcomes our New Veteran Outreach Intern: Ashely O"Reilly

Ashley O’Reilly is a United States Navy Veteran who was Stationed in Norfolk Virginia on the USS. Harry S. Truman CVN 75 aircraft carrier, where she served as a Machinist Mate in the ships nuclear reactor department. During her four years of active duty, Ashley completed an eight-month deployment serving Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and one extensive ship-yard maintenance overhaul.

After her time in service, Ashley came back home to California to begin her journey in school and pursue a degree in gerontology. Ashley is excited to be working as Snowline’s new Veteran Outreach intern. She can be reached by email at aoreilly@snowlinehospice.org.


Meet the Snowline Bears: Snow and Linus




"You helped to bring comfort and peace during Dick’s last months of life and a huge relief because his death was so peaceful with family present. Our prayers go with you as you care for others."


The Molina Family