Mountain Democrat Article - 'Hospice helping hospice: Snowline steps up to help Ethiopian program'

    Hospice helping hospice: Snowline steps up to help Ethiopian program


    Hospice Ethiopia CEO Ephrem Abathun is doing everything he can to build up hospice and palliative care in his nation with 115 million residents and looks at Snowline Hospice in Diamond Springs as an example.

    It was nearly a decade ago that Snowline Hospice began learning about the lack of hospice and palliative care in Ethiopia. That led to a formal partnership between Hospice Ethiopia and Snowline Hospice.

    Palliative care is for people living with a life limiting illness that can’t be cured and will likely lead to death.

    “We have a very fragile healthcare system, which means many patients have needs of palliative care” Abathun said of Ethiopia. “Otherwise they will die, in suffering, in pain and without dignity.”




    Abathun said this type of care is a human right.

    Harriet Andrews, the Irish Ambassador for Hospice Ethiopia who made a recent trip to the United States with Abathun, agreed.

    “If I could have one person not to die roaring in pain, I will do this all day long,” Andrews said. “Once you’ve seen anybody who is in agony, I think you can never look back. You need palliative care.”

    Abathun runs the only non-government operated hospice in Ethiopia and it has zero beds.

    “We provide home-based care, outpatient care and palliative care,” Abathun said. “The concept is in the infant stage for the country.”

    Hospice Ethiopia was founded in 2003 and has about 270 patients — each seen about once every two weeks.




    When (now former) Snowline Hospice CEO Michael Schmidt and Medical Director Jeanine Ellinwood first heard about the dire situation in Ethiopia, they immediately wanted to help. They met with Abathun in Ethiopia and liked what he brought to the table.

    “He is so passionate about helping the people in his country to avoid suffering during serious illness or end of life care,” Ellinwood said. “I think our missions are aligned and I really value his outlook.”

    Abathun and Andrews recently met with the entire Snowline Hospice staff and board to learn about care in the United States.

    “Our board has been very supportive of the global exchange as well as our staff,” Ellinwood said. “Our staff just embraced Ephrem when he was here and really was interested in learning more about it.”

    The average salary in Ethiopia is much lower than the United States and Hospice Ethiopia stretches every dollar. A month of outpatient care can be funded for $75 while $25 can supply a patient and their family with money needed to buy the basics they need to live.




    Abathun and Hospice Ethiopia are looking at the big picture too.

    When Abathun was asked if $1 million would be enough to build a facility with 20 beds, he practically guaranteed it would. That’s less than it cost to build a McDonald’s in the United States.

    “That’s not going to be fundraised in Ethiopia,” Andrews said. “It’s not going to happen with Ethiopian government support, but it’s not an awful lot to ask in order to fundraise in the States where people have the heart.”

    When Andrews and Abathun went to a Snowline board meeting, the board members were brimming with expansion ideas and figuring out ways to get involved.

    “We need to thank Snowline Hospice and the leadership including former CEO Michael Schmidt and his wife Sue, current CEO Tim Meadows, Dr. Jeanine Ellinwood, the entire staff and board at Snowline and Stephanie Council, who is a part of the U.S. team for Hospice Ethiopia,” Abathun said.

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    Coalition for Compassionate Care of California’s 13th Annual Palliative Care Summit

    13th Annual Palliative Care Summit

    Teo Weldon

    Snowline is a Sustaining Supporter of the Coalition for Compassionate Care, an interdisciplinary partnership of thought-leaders from healthcare systems and organizations, government agencies, consumer organizations, and the general public.

    Registration is now open for the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California’s 13th Annual Palliative Care Summit, presented in partnership with the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, and Kōkua Mau, a Movement to Improve Care. The two-day Summit, presented virtually on June 22 & 23, will feature world-class speakers, breakouts, discussion sessions, an art and music reception, and a poster session. Attendees will get the latest information on the state of serious illness care from thought leaders, connect with colleagues and friends in breakouts and group discussions, and have the opportunity to rejuvenate the mind and spirit with a variety of activities.

    The Summit’s keynote speakers are:

    • Louise Aronson, MD: Geriatrician, professor of medicine at UCSF, and author of Elderhood: Redefining Age, Transforming Medicine, and Reimagining Life
    • Jennifer Ballentine, MA: Executive Director of the California State University Shiley Institute for Palliative Care
    • Michelle Maldonado, JD: Founder and CEO of Lucenscia, a firm dedicated to human flourishing and mindful business transformation

    See the full schedule, read speaker bios, and register at CEUs are available. Register by June 15 for early bird savings!

    Click here for more information

    Team Snowline Creates Over 400 Care Packages for Troops Overseas!

    A Staff Volunteer Event with Move America Forward


    As a We Honor Veterans Level Five Hospice, Snowline is always searching for ways to be involved in supporting military veterans and their families. Earlier this year, the Sacramento-based nonprofit military charity, Move America Forward asked community leaders for support in their mission to provide care packages to troops serving in combat areas in the middle east. Since 2004, Move America Forward has supported deployed men and women by creating and sending care packages filled with daily essentials, snacks, and treats. Each package includes a note from the package sponsor that indicates their support and gratitude for the sacrifices being made to protect our freedom. Move America Forward's mission is to provide year-round military care packages that are full of the most requested items and the taste of home to our heroes.

    When Move America Forward requested help in creating care packages,  Snowline Hospice did not hesitate to answer! Supporting current and past military members is how we honor the sacrifices of the brave men and women who we serve today. Snowline's Veteran Outreach Intern coordinated a Care Package Party group comprised of 8 team members from Snowline's Retail, Clinical, and Administrative departments. Last Friday morning the Snowline Hospice Team gathered at the Move America Forward processing building to kick off the Care Packaging Party! In under 3 hours, The Snowline Hospice team created 420 care packages to be sent to troops serving in combat zones! Thank you Move America Forward for giving us the opportunity to show our respect to the brave men and women serving overseas.


    Former Presidents and First Ladies encourage COVID Vaccine

    Ad Council and COVID Collaborative


    Former Presidents and First Ladies Encourage Covid Vaccine:

    Watch HERE

    Recognizing Excellence in Hospice During Women's History Month

    How Dame Cicely Saunders Revolutionized Hospice Care

    Shanon Strickler

    Snowline celebrates March as National Women's History Month! We take this month to recognize the accomplishments of women who advanced the field of hospice care in the face of adversity. Today, we acknowledge "The Mother" of Hospice, Cicely Saunders. Dame Cicely Saunders is known for founding the first modern hospice and, more than anybody else, was responsible for establishing the discipline and palliative care culture. She introduced effective pain management and insisted that dying people needed dignity, compassion, respect, and rigorous scientific methodology in testing treatments. Saunders introduced the idea of "total pain," which included the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of distress. Saunders knew she could best help dying patients by becoming a doctor, and at age 33, she qualified to become a medical student at St Thomas' Hospital.
    After qualifying, she obtained a research scholarship at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, where she studied pain management in the incurably ill, and at the same time worked at St Joseph's, a hospice for the dying poor in Bayswater, run by nuns. Here she used her medical expertise and research findings to help the nuns improve their standard of care. Saunders devoted herself to her cause, and by late 1959, she had drawn up a 10-page proposal for a hospice. Building work started in 1965 and was designed to contain 54 inpatient beds, and there were plans for those who needed respite care and home care services. The first patient was admitted in 1967 and the hospice soon extended its activities to include research and a study center!
    We applaud Dame Cicely Saunders for her inception of hospice care and her mission to provide compassionate care to patients nearing end-of-life.

      Mountain Democrat Article - 'Hospice helping hospice: Snowline steps up to help Ethiopian program'
      Coalition for Compassionate Care of California’s 13th Annual Palliative Care Summit
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